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Covid-19 FAQ’s

We are fully committed to ensuring our hostel provides a safe environment for all our guests, staff and visitors.

Our hostels have been closed for the duration of the lockdown, and now that we move into phases of reopening please be assured that our team has been thoroughly examining the guest and staff experience to ensure we introduce measures that allow your stay to remain enjoyable and safe!

We follow advice and guidelines from governing organisations and are keeping a close eye on any information regarding the situation.

Please refer to and World Health Organisation (WHO) for further information.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Kick Ass Hostels doing to prevent the spread of the virus?

We have been closed for the duration of the lockdown here in Scotland and are reopening with confidence that we can facilitate social distancing and help keep everyone safe.

Head on over to Social Distancing to see the breakdown of measures we have taken to ensure this and get an idea of what to expect when you arrive!

Do I have to wear a mask as a guest?

The Scottish Government recommends the use of masks when out of your permanent home.
It is mandatory to use masks when on any public transport in Scotland.
We recommend the use of masks by our guests on property.

Can I get information on who I will be sharing my dorm with and where they are travelling from?

Due to GDPR and privacy laws we cannot disclose this information.

What if someone in my room is exhibiting symptoms?

Stay in your room. Have them call us or you call our reception on 0044 (0) 131 226 6351 and don’t worry, we have procedures in place.

What if I exhibit symptoms of the virus during my stay?

Stay in your room. Call our reception on 0044 (0) 131 226 6351 and don’t worry, we have procedures in place.

I am arriving from a country outside the UK – what is the situation?

Scotland currently has a 14 day mandatory quarantine for travellers arriving from abroad, with exemptions. Please refer to this Scottish Government publication for the list of exempt countries and areas:

We are not equipped to house you for your 14 day quarantine – please do not book our hostel unless you are on the list of exempt countries.

If you arrive from a country that is not exempt, and try to check into Kick Ass Hostels within 14 days, we will unfortunately not be able to host you. Please check before you book that your country is exempt.

Should I travel if recently unwell?

It is advised by Scottish Government you should not travel if you are unwell. If you are staying with Kick Ass Hostels, you and your entire party should be healthy at time of check in. If previously diagnosed with COVID-19, you should be fully recovered and cleared to travel.

If you arrive at Kick Ass Hostels and are visibly unwell with COVID-19 symptoms or still recovering from being unwell with COVID-19, you will not be checked into your reservation and will have to find alternative accommodation. Please ensure you are fully well before you travel.

What if I need to cancel?

Please refer to your booking confirmation / booking agent for the cancellation policies attached to your reservation. For any bookings made through a 3rd party agent (e.g.,, etc), requests for amendments to your reservation must go to them.

For direct bookings, please contact us via email at

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