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Pub Quiz

Show us your Kick Ass brain power & win some prizes! All of those Buzzfeed articles and Uber Facts will come in hella-handy after all!

Drag Brunch

Get out the glitz and glam up for our world famous Drag Brunch,  every Sunday in the Kick Ass Bar from 1pm to 3pm.

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The Rules

Welcome to Kick Ass Hostels! Please read and follow our house rules so everyone can have an enjoyable stay.


Please check out by 10:00am.

Scots: Check out time is 10:00am… Yes 10:00am, not 10:15, not 10:30 and certainly not 11:30… AAAH!


The hostel bar is open to the public so please wear your wristband so we can identify you as an overnight guest.

Scots: Mind we’ve got a banging’ beer garden, so wear yir wristband so we dinny ‘hink yer a rando fae the bar.


Scotland has a strict no-smoking indoors policy, please refrain from doing so anywhere in the building. Cigarettes must be extinguished and disposed of prior to entering the hostel. If evidence of smoking is found (including the smell) a £50 fee will be charged to your card and you may be evicted without right to refund.

Scots: Nae, nae, nae smoking, anywhere in the hoose. you will be chucked oot if yir caught at it.


Please notify reception 24hrs in advance if you wish to extend your stay. Please don’t cry if you fail to do this and there are no beds available.

Scots: If yir stayin’ longer, yir must tell us 24 oors in advance, dinny greet if yir dinnae and thirs nae room when yi dae.


Any damages will be charged to the guest.

Scots: If yir break it, yir payin’ fir it.


Please refrain from making noise especially after 10:00pm, we have many other guests staying in the hostel.

Scots: Dinnae mak a racket after 10:00pm. Yir no the only git stayin’ here.


Please clean up any mess you make.

Scots: Cleen yir shit up if yi mak a mess. If yi dinnae, yir gettin’ battered by the big man.


Any disturbance created by guests will result in immediate eviction from the hostel without right to refund.

Scots: Any agro and yir oot, remember we’re watchin’ yi on camera likes.

Kick Ass Bar
& Beer Garden

Our beer garden with awesome Edinburgh Castle views is back!
Public welcome, walk-in welcome.

Beer Garden: 12.30pm – 10pm daily
Indoor Bar: 12.30pm – midnight daily

Or view our Food and Drink menu’s here…

We follow the most up to date guidelines on social distancing, sanitation and the track & trace system. Please bring a face covering and be prepared to follow the official guidelines while enjoying your food and drink.

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