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So you’ve booked your transport, reserved your bed…
now it’s time to plan your activities!

Obviously your first stop is the Kick Ass Walking Tour, and after that? Step into Scotland and immerse yourself in the history, culture and lifestyle we have to offer!

From Ghouls & Ghosts to Silent Discos and everything in between, there is 100+ different ways to experience Edinburgh.

Then head further north and go Nessie-spotting, whisky-tasting and Castle-hopping!

There are so many lenses to look through, even us locals are still learning! So what are you waiting for? Book your spot on some of Scotland’s most popular experiences!

All of the above external experiences are booked with a 3rd party company!

Our Kick Ass Crew is more than happy to help with recommendations, meeting locations or other quick questions, however for any queries related to payments, change of dates, cancellations and reservations, you should contact the tour company directly!

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