Group Bookings: Meals

We offer discounted meal options for groups, please find the menu here.

How meals work
  • Menu choices and time of each meal must be agreed at least 1 month out.
  • Service times are indicated on the menu.
  • Groups will have half an hour for breakfast and lunch and 45 minutes for dinner.
  • The entire group chooses the same option per meal (example: the entire group will have pancakes on day 1 and full Scottish breakfast on day 2, or the entire group will have burgers for dinner on day 1 and fish and chips on day 2, etc.).
  • Please note groups over 30 persons may have to be split into multiple sittings with at least 30 minutes between sittings.
  • We recommend that you book your time slots early to avoid disappointment as we have limited facilities and can only serve one group at a time.
  • IMPORTANT: Please note we cannot accommodate guests with food allergies. We can provide vegan and vegetarian options if this is your dietary choice, but not if you suffer from any allergies. We cannot take responsibility for any adverse reactions if you choose to proceed with food orders despite known allergies.
  • Payment for meals is required at least 1 month out and will remain non-refundable from then on.
  • The group leader will pick up meal vouchers from reception approximately 10 minutes before the scheduled meal time and distribute among the group – these vouchers are then exchanged for the meal.