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Guests who join the POD Squad enjoy an elevated hostel experience!

Kick Ass Hostels’ owner poured time and care into the innovative, bespoke design.

From their extra space, personal charging stations and stylish mood lighting, every aspect of the Kick Ass POD beds was designed around feedback from travellers!

The comfortable mattress and privacy curtains let you truly switch off and rest up for the next day’s adventures, and the code-based lockers eliminate your need for padlocks.

Get the perfect combination of a private space and that unbeatable community experience in the future of hostelling!

Pod Bed Reviews

Easily the best hostel I have stayed in. Goodbye creaky bunkbed frames – pod style dorms are the future of hostel stays! Each pod offered more privacy and less guilt if you want to have a light on.

Each has its own giant locker right beneath and you can set your own code. The bathrooms were clean, numerous, and private on my floor. If you’re looking to meet people, the communal spaces like the bar/lounge area are really nice. The location could hardly be better, and staff were amazing!

Best hostel for a low price I will likely ever stay at. The pods/capsules you stay in manage to keep the social experience of staying in a room with others while also giving you some much needed privacy when you need it.

The bar is great for food throughout the day or for pre-drinks before you go out. Everything was always clean, staff was courteous and helpful and the location is near all the fun stuff to do in Edinburgh. Would definitely stay again.

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